Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Binder's Limelight Gallery Show

"Big Sunset" has been selected to appear in the Binder's Limelight Gallery for the month of August.  The gallery is located in the lower level of the Binder's store in Buckhead, so if you're in the area this month, stop by to see the fabulous art for sale, all from the wonderful artist members of the Atlanta Artists Center. 
About the Limelight Gallery - If you lived in our area during the 80's you will remember "The Limelight" nightclub - a BIG wild party spot that was well known for their wonderfully talented bands, dancers, live tigers (in cages) and beautiful models and mimes that graced the grand stairwell as you entered the club level.  They also had the biggest speakers around at that time and everybody would climb up on top of them to dance.  I'll never admit it to my kids, but I may have climbed up there a few times myself.  The Limelight gallery is located in the same space where all of those parties took place.  So this show has special meaning for a lot of us who are old enough to remember those late party nights.  

"Big Sunset"
24" x 30"

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