Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ART does NOT have to match your sofa or draperies

"Blue Tree" 
Hi everyone, just finished reading a similar blog title post today and this phrase came to mind as it seems to be the biggest concern when potential clients are considering buying my art these days.  Quite honestly, 'sofa and drapery art' is not the kind of artwork that I  want to create but I am willing to make some adjustments if the colors are vibrant and if the client will agree to allow me some measure of artistic freedom while using them.  Don't get me wrong, I love it when my art perfectly 'fits' with someone's home decor color scheme, but let's be honest, how important is it to be an exact color match with your sofa, walls or drapery fabric? I previously struggled with this issue and discovered that I preferred to have a background color on my walls to allow me the freedom to display the things that I love.  Now that I have my background walls, and after eliminating my draperies, I discovered that I can make anything work if I love it - and I mean LOVE it ! Please believe me, when you love a piece of art, you will know it, and you will also figure out a way to display it so that you can enjoy it everyday.  So go out and find a piece of art that you absolutely LOVE !  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Really Good Week !

24" x 30"

"The Rapids"
24" x 36"
I don't mean to brag - but - last week was a really good one.  "Sunrise" and "The Rapids" originals have both found new homes, one in Alabama and one just a few miles from us.  So I am celebrating with renewed energy and confidence to keep going on my creative adventure.  Never thought I would say this, but I am enjoying the show experience more than expected.  The interaction with other artists and visitors and the wonderfully positive feedback fills my heart with a calm sense of happiness.  
I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who helps with all of the physical (and emotional support) work - could not do this without him !  Thank goodness, we were fortunate to arrive early enough so we could setup under the a/c unit again. 
Now praying for cooler weather for the September 2nd. show.        

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Binder's Limelight Gallery Show

"Big Sunset" has been selected to appear in the Binder's Limelight Gallery for the month of August.  The gallery is located in the lower level of the Binder's store in Buckhead, so if you're in the area this month, stop by to see the fabulous art for sale, all from the wonderful artist members of the Atlanta Artists Center. 
About the Limelight Gallery - If you lived in our area during the 80's you will remember "The Limelight" nightclub - a BIG wild party spot that was well known for their wonderfully talented bands, dancers, live tigers (in cages) and beautiful models and mimes that graced the grand stairwell as you entered the club level.  They also had the biggest speakers around at that time and everybody would climb up on top of them to dance.  I'll never admit it to my kids, but I may have climbed up there a few times myself.  The Limelight gallery is located in the same space where all of those parties took place.  So this show has special meaning for a lot of us who are old enough to remember those late party nights.  

"Big Sunset"
24" x 30"