Saturday, October 29, 2011

Never Give Up !

I am honored to have one of my Christmas designs included in this year's Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts publication.  Many years ago one of my goals was to have one of my designs published by Better Homes and Gardens.  So today I can say that I have learned a lesson in never giving up on those goals no matter how long it might take.  Once again, many thanks to the continued support of Sharon Currier, for making this happen.  And I sincerely appreciate the editors at BH&G for selecting my design out of all of those that they had to choose from.  So here it is -

Page 44 - Holiday Crafts 2011 
Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications, Meredith Corp.

    I am also very honored to say THANKS to Sharon and Cindy Gorder, the editor of Decorating Digest Craft & Home Projects publication, for including several of my designs in their Fall issue.  This is a wonderful magazine that always showcases easy DIY home decorating projects as well as great reviews of newly published how to books.

        Pages 34 and 35 - Photos Courtesy of Decorating Digest Craft & Home Projects
Women's Publishing Co. Inc. a corporation of Grass Roots Publishing Co. Inc.


linwood avenue said...

that is amazing (and beautiful) - congratulations!

Diane said...

Thanks Tiffin - never give up - you can do more than you imagined !

denise clason said...

I absolutely LOVE, love your BHG topiary! I think I'll have to make one of those!!! love your designs, diane!

Diane said...

Thanks so much Denise - I LOVE your Designs too! And also appreciate your support for all of these years.

Anonymous said...

Your designs are so gorgeous -- I'm never surprised when they appear in print! You're such a talented designer & artist, Diane. Thank you so much for your hard work & creativity.